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Glowsik Himalayan Shilajit Resin Original & Ayurvedic - 20 gm Now with ashwangandha , safed mushli and kauch beej 20 effervescent tablets

Glowsik Himalayan Shilajit Resin Original & Ayurvedic - 20 gm Now with ashwangandha , safed mushli and kauch beej 20 effervescent tablets

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glowsik himalayan shilajit


himalayan shilajit


Scientists have well-documented the detoxifying effects of shilajit. Regular consumption of this supplement helps eliminate harmful toxins that build up in the body over time. Due to agricultural methods and worldwide pollution, both the soil and our diets are depleted of vital nutrients.

boost health shilajit

Quality of Soft Resin Shilajit

A unique product, our Soft Resin Shilajit extract is the purest form of Shilajit you can get that has not been altered by any prolonged heating. This leaves 100% of the nutrients intact, unlike some Shilajit goo or powder that are heated during the drying process. Heat may destroy enzymes and proteins, which may alter some of Shilajit's bioactive properties.

All Natural

Lab-extracted minerals in a man-made trace mineral or fulvic humic mineral blend usually do not contain any co-factors that are essential for the healthy absorption of minerals. Among the many ingredients in our, Shilajit are plant-based ionic trace minerals, fulvic acid, and a variety of other nutrients that promote nutrient absorption.

Himalayan Shilajit Resin

  • Himalayan Shilajit has been used for centuries to improve health, balance energy, and ground people.
  • It is an abundant source of minerals and fulvic acid that helps your body to function at its best.


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The Himalayan Shilajit is the only one that is collected above 16,000 feet which makes it the top grade. A higher attitude (colder weather, less oxygen, UV light, and severe winds) protects shilajit intact for decades or even centuries. Balanced trace element composition that develops ionic molecular bonds with Fulvic Acid and other organic elements makes a great advantage from other mineral supplements that usually artificially mixed or synthesized in the laboratories.

Himalayan Shilajit is a soft resin with a consistency similar to oil, but not oily. Mix it with any beverage except alcohol or tap water and it will work great. As a result of the extraction process, all Shilajit is liquid in nature. Making it solid requires additional processing through drying. Therefore the liquid or soft resin form is the freshest Shilajit that we pack fresh after the extraction which preserves most of its original properties.

glowsik shilajit resin
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