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Glowsik Karela Jamun Diabetic Care Fizz Effervescent Tablet | Control Diabetes

Glowsik Karela Jamun Diabetic Care Fizz Effervescent Tablet | Control Diabetes

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Introducing G Glowsik Karela Jamun Fizz, a unique Ayurvedic effervescent tablet crafted with 11 herbs. This fizzy drink combines the benefits of Karela, sans bitterness, with Jamun, Neem, Gudmar, and more, creating a refreshing, antioxidant-rich beverage. It supports digestion, insulin production, and sugar level control, converting food into energy, and promoting liver and skin health. This Ayurvedically inspired blend, backed by modern scientific research, is presented in an easy-to-consume form for the new generation. Note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HELP IN BLOOD-SUGAR CONTROLS : Experience the benefits of Karela and Jamun, traditional remedies known for their effectiveness in regulating support in blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd, or Karela, contains Polypeptide-p, similar to insulin, offering a natural way to help in diabetes. Enjoy better energy levels, help in lower blood sugar, and cholesterol.

SUPPORT LOWERS CHOLESTEROL: Harness the anti-inflammatory properties of Karela and Jamun juice to lower bad cholesterol, promoting a healthier heart. Packed with nutrients like potassium, it regulates blood pressure, while iron and folic acid reduce stroke risk, supporting overall heart health.


KARELA JAMUN EFFERVESCENT BLEND: A powerful combination of Karela and Jamun works synergistically. Jamun converts starch into sugar, slowing sugar absorption, and Karela's components aid in glucose regulation. Lemon adds fiber and vitamin C, further help regulating glucose levels and providing benefits for diabetics.


MANAGE FATTY- LIVER: The blend of Karela and Jamun acts as a potent detox, eliminating toxins and supporting liver health. This combination support the respiratory system, clearing sputum, improving breathing, and helping relief for cough-prone individuals.


HOW TO USE: Effortless consumption – Drop, Dissolve, Fizz, and Drink. Drop one tablet in 250ML water, wait for it to dissolve, and enjoy fizzy water that promotes your well-being.

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